Sit. Stay. Lie down. Every dog knows these basic commands, including your Samoyed. They’re such a good listener that lately you feel inspired to train them further. You know, maybe teach them a few tricks? That has you wondering, what kinds of tricks can a Samoyed learn? and what trick especially for my Samoyed?

You can teach your Samoyed many a trick, including:

  • Determining scents
  • Waving and pawing
  • Weaving
  • Crawling
  • Begging
  • Bowing
  • Targeting

Do you want to know what these tricks entail and how to do them? Then you won’t want to miss this article. In it, we’ll elaborate on the above tricks so you can bond with your Sammy and show off their abilities to all your friends and family!

Tricks to Teach Your Samoyed

Here is a detailed explanation of each trick we talked about in the intro, including how to do it. Be sure to check out our next section of training tips as well for more advice.  

Picking out Scents

Did you know Samoyeds have an awesome sense of smell? If you’ve never targeted this great ability with any training, then today seems like a pretty good day to start. To do so, you can show your Sammy how to do a trick with that keen sniffer.

This ability, known as scenting, involves your Samoyed differentiating between your two closed fists and correctly guessing which one has a treat or food in it. That’s all you need to pull off this trick, then: your Samoyed’s favorite food. Make sure you choose a food that’s small enough that you can obscure it completely in the palm of your hand. It also shouldn’t have an overly strong smell. That’s kind of like cheating.

Then, put your hands behind your back, slipping the food into one palm. Move your hands back in front of your and let your pup pick the hand with the treat. They can boop you with their snout or tap your hand with their paw; either works.

To keep your Samoyed on their toes, keep changing up the hand. Don’t leave both hands empty, though, as that’s just cruel.

Scenting is mentally tough work that can chew into your Samoyed’s seemingly endless energy levels. It’s no substitute for exercise, but it does augment physical activity well.

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Waving and Pawing

Can your Samoyed wave to you on command? If you ask them to lift a paw, will they?

If not, then again, reach for the treats. Yet a second time, you want to hold a treat in one hand. Close your fist around the treat as hard as possible. Don’t open it, even when your Sammy comes over. You’re trying to see how your dog tries to open your hand. A strong-smelling treat or food will really incentivize your dog to do their best.

If they don’t use their paw to get to your hand right away, you can change that. First, get your Samoyed into a sitting position. Then, put a treat over your dog’s head. Let him or her sniff it, but don’t give them the treat right away. Instead, pull the treat off to the side. Your Sammy should lean somewhat, and one paw may go up so they don’t topple over. Use a clicker and press it now.

By doing this, again and again, you can teach your pup to lift their paw. You can then high-five them and make all your friends smile.

As for waving, start by doing the paw command. Then, move your hand back as your dog raises its paw. It’ll look like a wave. Now your Samoyed can say hello!


Samoyeds might excel in all things physical, but if your dog can’t weave, you might want to add it to their repertoire. Again, you need a treat and your presence to pull this trick off.

Put your leg out, arching it by moving your knee out and keeping your toe pointed. Then, show Sammy your hand with a treat hiding in your palm. Move your hand beneath your leg, letting your dog see you do this.

With enough time and training, your Samoyed should weave through your leg to get at the treat. It may take some time for them to weave around you fully. Even once they do, they may be slow at it at first. By keeping it up, you can improve both the weave motion and the speed at which your Sammy does it.

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It’s adorable to see your canine companion crawl on their bellies. Also, who knows? This ability could come in handy someday. To get them to crawl, you want to first start by showing your Samoyed how to drop down even a little. A treat held close to their face should get them in the mood to learn.

Then, once they’re good with dropping down, pull out another treat. Let your Samoyed smell it fully, so keep it close to their nose. You don’t want your dog able to get the treat at this point, though, so watch your positioning! Your Sammy will begin crawling towards you to reach the treat.

Like most of the other tricks on this list, you’ll probably see only minimal movement at first. That’s okay. The more you do this, the better the results. Keep at it until your Samoyed can crawl on command.


You might think of begging as bad behavior, but it’s not always. Just take this trick, for instance.

First, you want to ask your Samoyed to sit. Then, grab a favorable food and hold it so it’s over their nose. Keep moving the food, first upwards, then backward. If you do it right, your Sammy should raise both front paws as well as stretch themselves to reach the treat.

Once your dog begins to get the hang of this trick, extend how long they should stay with their paws up.


Your Samoyed can give a big, royal bow if you only teach them to. You want them standing for this while you kneel. Then, grab your Sammy’s stomach, bracing a hand under there. Your other hand should have a treat or favorite food. Move that hand so your Samoyed drops down. Don’t let them have the treat right off the bat. You want them to verbally associate what they’re doing by saying “bow.”

By repeating this, with time, you can have a gentler hold on your Sammy’s stomach, and then you can let go altogether. Try it out today!

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The last trick we have for you is targeting. Again, put a treat in your hand and close your fist. Let your dog see your hand and start smelling it. Then let them have the treat. This may seem simple, but there’s more still to this trick.

Next, you want to tell your dog to “hit.” You should also not use treats at this point. By moving towards your fist, you’ve taught your dog to target. You should still give them treats for a job well done, even if there’s not a treat in your hand. As your Samoyed gets even better with tracking, you can leave your fist semi-open. You can even open your hand all the way and your dog should still do the trick. If you’d like to advance things further, use a ruler or wand and see if they target that.

Tips for Successful Trick Training

Do you want your Samoyed to master two or more of these tricks, maybe even them all? Then make sure you follow these trick training tips:

  • Don’t try to teach your Samoyed the above tricks all at the same time. Start with one, let them get the hang of it, and then move onto another. The skills they learn from one trick could come in handy for a different one.
  • Even if your dog doesn’t do so well, still give them praise, love, snuggles, and maybe a few treats. Ending things well will incentivize your Sammy to want to continue training.
  • When your Samoyed does do something you like, praise them openly.
  • Train as often as you can. Every day is preferable, but even every other day or every two days works.
  • Have some patience. If your dog hasn’t learned a command or trick as fast as you would have liked, don’t just blame your pup. Look to yourself as well. Are you training your Samoyed clearly and adequately? Could you improve your instructions somehow?
  • Once your Sammy does learn a command, ask them to do it from to time. This doesn’t have to occur daily, but semi-regularly. You’ll keep them sharp this way!

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Related Questions

Q: How long does it take to train a Samoyed?

A: The amount of time you will devote to training a Samoyed depends on how much you’re willing to put into it. If you spend even 20 minutes a day, then training should go quickly. By training sporadically, your dog may forget some of the tricks. They also don’t get as much time to practice what they’ve learned, making it harder for them to retain it.  

Q: Are Samoyeds hard to train?

A: Samoyeds are considered a breed that’s easy to train. They react to voice commands especially well. If you’re having a hard time teaching them a command or a trick, then try using your voice and see if that helps. If not, you can always sign your Sammy up for an obedience class.

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