I have been asked so many times if Middle is smart? And How Intelligent Is a Samoyed dog? When it comes to the intelligence of the Samoyed dog, there are a lot of mixed opinions. While some owners will describe this dog as a big, dumb goofball, many others maintain that the Samoyed is a brilliant dog.

Are Samoyeds smart dogs? Thankfully, canine intelligence has been tested if Samoyeds are smart dogs, and the results are easy to find online. Samoyed smart ranking is 44. When we look at these results, we can see that the Samoyed smart level is placed in the category of “above average.” They are not in the top tier, but we should remember that this test shows trainability more than strength. Samoyeds are a little stubborn, and thus, they require more repetition to learn new commands. This is especially true in the initial stage of training.

There are ways that you can test your dog’s IQ to see if they are smart, and this is a good example of the many canine IQ tests that can be found. We think that the Samoyed will do well and show a high IQ in most cases. They may require a few extra training sessions, but they are just as capable of learning as any other dog.
Of course, any good dog owner will love their dog, whether they are the world’s smartest or the world’s dumbest. Keep reading, and you will see why we love our Samoyed so much.

The Six Best Qualities Of The Smart Samoyed:

  • These are beautiful dogs. Their fluffy white coats and smiling faces make them hard to resist.
  • The Samoyed is a very expressive breed that will try its best to communicate with you. At times like these, the intelligence of the breed really shows. 
  • Samoyeds are incredibly smart and have a high learning capacity.
  • Samoyeds make excellent watchdogs. They were originally used as herding dogs, and this is a job that required them to be on the lookout for predators.
  • Although they can be stubborn, Samoyeds have an excellent memory and can thus retain their training very well. 
  • Samoyeds do not generally show aggression to humans. They are usually quite gentle and friendly, making them ideal family dogs.

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Understanding The Breed

If you want to understand a Samoyed dog’s mentality, you will need to understand a little bit about its history. This dog has its origins among the tribal peoples of Siberia. This region in the frozen north of Russia is so cold and inhospitable that people were often sent there as punishment in the past. 

Now you know why the Samoyed has such thick fur. Having been bred to work in one of the coldest places on earth, they have several other cold adaptations. For instance, the constant smile that makes this breed look so friendly is actually helpful. Their upturned lips do not allow large amounts of drool to proceed from their mouths. Hanging spittle would freeze in the cold of a Siberian winter, creating drool-icicles that would be painful to remove.

Of course, we are more concerned with their behavior patterns. The Samoyed was mostly created as a herding animal. The Siberian tribe that created this breed depended greatly on their reindeer herds to survive, just as they still do today. As such, a good herding dog was essential. This is where the Samoyed gets its attentive and inquisitive nature, as well as its protective streak. This is part of what makes a Samoyed so smart.

In such a harsh climate, people cannot simply leave their dogs outside, where they might freeze to death. So, they would usually bring the dog into their houses or tents. This is why the Samoyed has always been an excellent family dog. They began as a multi-purpose animal, serving as both friend and shepherd. Click here to see how does a Samoyed adapt to a family. 

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What Can The Smart Samoyed Be Trained To Do?

With such a smart dog as this, your options are numerous. Let’s start by listing some of the many purposes that a Samoyed could realistically be trained for:

  • Herding/protecting livestock
  • Serving as a protection dog
  • Service dog
  • Show dog
  • Sled dog
  • Agility competition dog
  • Hunting dog

Herding/protecting livestock

Obviously, Samoyeds make great herding dogs since this was their original purpose. Although they are not an inherently aggressive breed, they can make good guard dogs as well.

Protecting a herd of reindeer requires a dog that is willing and able to fight off predators. That protective instinct is strong in the Samoyed, and it probably wouldn’t be hard to encourage this instinct and turn them into a well-controlled weapon of defense that will help to keep you and your family safe from harm.

Service dog Samoyed

If you are looking for a service dog that can help people with disabilities to lead normal lives, the Samoyed could probably do quite well with this task. They tend to be highly devoted to their masters, and this is necessary for a service animal. This breed also has the intelligence that is necessary to work with disabled individuals.

Show Dog Samoyed

You could also go a different route entirely and create a show dog. This breed is definitely a beautiful and impressive one, and their calm nature makes it easier to control them in the presence of other dogs.

Sled dog Samoyed

If what you need is a sled dog, the Samoyed is one of the best choices that you could make. Samoyeds have been used as sled dogs for a long time, although Huskies are much more popular for this purpose. Middle enjoys her pulling with her little bro. Click here to read another post detailed talk about Samoyed Sled.
You might also consider putting your dog into an agility contest. Canine agility contests are basically obstacle courses in which dogs are made to run through the course as fast as possible. Samoyeds have sometimes done quite well in these sorts of contests.

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Hunting Dog Samoyed

Finally, you might also consider using your Samoyed as a hunting dog. If you enjoy hunting, there is no reason that you shouldn’t let your dog join in the fun as well.

In What Way Does The Owner Determine The Behavior Of The Dog?

Because of their high intelligence level, the Samoyed will try their best to learn what is expected of them. However, they cannot do that if you, the owner, confuse them with mixed messages. This is a breed that is not very distant from its wolf ancestors, so it requires an owner with a firm hand.

When we say that, we are not suggesting that you hit your dog. This is probably not necessary and doesn’t usually help. Sure, you could smack your dog when they make you angry, but they won’t learn anything from that if they are confused, now will they? Chances are, a disobedient dog is simply a dog that does not understand what you want from them. Discipline is only effective when the dog is made to understand their error. Further, harsh physical discipline will often teach the dog to fear you instead of respecting you.

You must be firm and consistent, resisting the urge to give in when you see that sweet doggy grin. The dog must have no doubt that you are the alpha, or else they will seek to challenge your dominance and assume pack leadership for themselves. Of course, we cannot have that, so you must put them in their place with love and calm rather than anger and slapping.

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Related Questions

Q: How Smart Is A Samoyed Compared To A Human Being?

A: Canine IQ tests have consistently shown that the average dog has an intelligence level that is roughly equal to that of a 2-year-old human child. Because of where these dogs rate on the intelligence scale, they probably have the intelligence level of a one-and-a-half-year-old human child. Based on this, we can see that the Samoyed is a smart dog.

Q: Are Samoyeds Known To Have Health Problems?

A: Overall, the Samoyed is a very tough and robust animal. They are born and bred for harsh conditions, so it takes quite a bit to harm them. However, their thick fur can make them vulnerable to overheating, and they are also known to have a slightly higher risk than normal for the following health complications: Hip dysplasia, Eye issues, kidney failure, and cardiac disease.


The Samoyed is unquestionably one of the smarter breeds of dog. Although their stubborn streak might keep them out of the top tier, anyone who knows this breed can tell you that they understand humans almost as well as we understand them…and sometimes, they probably understand us a little better than we understand ourselves.

So why is the Samoyed smart? As a multi-purpose dog, the Samoyed could not have fulfilled its many functions over the years without a high degree of intelligence and an adaptable mind with strong problem-solving capabilities. As such, I would doubt the intelligence of those who do not recognize the high IQ of this amazing and lovable breed.

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