It’s no secret that Samoyeds shed their luxurious white coats to a massive extent. Seriously, you could almost make a whole second dog out of how much fluff you get from a good grooming session. Bathe and Groom your Samoyed is almost like your homework from school. That has you curious.

So, How often should you bathe and groom your Samoyed anyway? You need to brush your Samoyed’s fluffy fur every single day to keep it manageable. Sammies can go much longer between bathing sessions, at least six months. For older Samoyeds, bathe them on a three-month basis.

If you’re thinking of adopting your own Samoyed but you want to know what the grooming process is like first, this is the article for you. We’ll talk about the type of grooming you need to do and expand on why this will become such a frequent part of your life.

What Does Grooming Entail?

When grooming a dog, Samoyed or otherwise, you’re caring for their wellbeing. You might brush their coat, detangle knots, bathe them, and even trim their fur. When we say trim, by the way, we mean only trim. As you probably know from reading our trimming and grooming blog, we don’t recommend you ever cut off or shave your Samoyed’s fur. Doing so can mess with their ability to regulate their body temperature. They may also get an infection and even skin cancer.

While some pet owners choose to bring their dogs to a professional groomer for the above jobs, you should get into the habit of brushing your Samoyed’s fur yourself. That’s because this is a job you’ll do pretty frequently…

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How Often Should You Groom Your Samoyed?

As we mentioned in the intro, you must brush your Samoyed’s long, white, luxurious fur each and every day. Yes, that means every 24 hours. No breaks, no vacations, no skipping. If you can’t take care of this duty for the day, then we recommend having someone ready as a backup who can.

Why is it so important to take care of your Samoyed’s fur to the point where you can’t even miss a day of brushing? There are several reasons, actually. Let’s talk about them more now.

More Work Now Means Less Work Later

Listen, it’s not unheard of for some Sammy owners to devote hours to brushing their dog’s fur. Does that sound like a fun way to spend an evening or a weekend? No, but as a dog owner, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

That said, you can lessen some of your work, at least during certain times of the year. By staying on a stringent brushing schedule, you’ll divide those hours into more manageable chunks. For instance, if you spend 15 to 20 minutes each night of the week brushing your Samoyed, then maybe by the weekend, they only need 15 minutes of brushing time instead of two hours.

We should note that when your Sammy begins shedding in the spring, then all bets are off. You’ll spend more time than ever on their grooming and maintenance.

Keep Your House Clean

The more unruly your Samoyed’s fur becomes, the bigger the chunks and tufts that fall off their body. These balls of fur float and spread throughout the house, landing on your clothes, your furniture, your bed, essentially everywhere. It seems like no matter what you do and where you go, you can’t get away from the dog hair.

By brushing your Samoyed daily, these troublesome tufts never get a chance to grow to full mass. That in turn keeps your home looking tidier.

Makes for a Happier Samoyed

You want nothing more than for your dog to be happy, which is part of why you brush them as much as you do. They’re not a huge fan of it, you’re not a huge fan of it, but you can’t eschew your responsibilities, either.

Another reason to incentivize you to pick up the grooming brush more often? Not brushing your Samoyed every day could lead to the development of mats in their fur. These extremely painful tangled areas often require trimming to get them out, which means taking your dog to a professional, unless you want to risk cutting the mats yourself (not highly recommended).

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How Often Should You Bathe Your Samoyed?

The age of your Sammy will determine how many times of the year you should schedule their baths. If you have a young, healthy dog, then there’s no need to put them in the tub more than twice a year. That is, unless your Samoyed runs around like crazy outside and comes back in all muddy. Obviously, in such a situation, you shouldn’t leave them filthy. They need a bath.

As your Samoyed gets into their golden years, you should increase how often you bathe them. Instead of every six months, do it on a three-month basis. By this time, their natural oils begin stripping, necessitating more regular baths.

Where Can You Give Your Sammy a Bath?

Samoyeds are by no means a large breed, but they’re not small dogs, either. If you’ve previously gravitated towards smaller pups, then you probably washed them in your kitchen sink. That won’t work for a Sammy, so where can you bathe them?

You have plenty of options!

In the Backyard

If you have a spacious yard with access to a hose, then there’s no reason you can’t wash your Samoyed right here. We recommend letting them stand on hard concrete instead of grass. After all, as the dirt around them gets wet, your pup’s paws could sink in, getting filthy. That would undo all the hard work of bathing them in the first place.

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In a Kiddie Pool

You might also opt to plunk your pup down in a kiddie pool and bathe them in there. You can then dump all the dirty water and even toss the pool out if it’s a little worse for wear. If you have a higher-quality kiddie pool, then you have the option to rinse it out and set it aside for next time.

Although it might go without saying, we do want to caution you to only wash your Samoyed outside in warmer weather. While the dog can handle very cold climes, it’s not right to bathe them outside. You wouldn’t want to take a shower outdoors in the dead of winter, right?

In the Bathtub

In cooler weather, bring your Sammy indoors and wash them in the tub. Make sure you put a shower mat on the floor of the tub before your Samoyed jumps in. This way, they don’t fall when things start getting slippery.

You’ll need a tub with a detachable shower hose so you can reach all parts of your Samoyed. Since some of their fur will inevitably come off during the bathing process, always use a drain cover. Otherwise, their fluff will definitely block up your shower drain.

On a Grooming Table

Indoors or outdoors, you can bathe your Samoyed as the pros do on a grooming table. This table must be long and wide enough to accommodate the size of your dog. You also want it tall so you can fully stand up and ably access your Samoyed. Just make sure the dog doesn’t slip or try to jump as you’re cleaning them and this method will work exceptionally well.

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Related Questions

Q: How much does it cost to get your Samoyed professionally groomed?

A: If you do decide to take your precious Samoyed to a pet groomer, how much will you pay for the service? According to data on Angie’s List, it’s about $30 to $90, with most pet owners paying about $53 per appointment. Angie’s List does say that the more fur your dog has, the more money you’ll pay at the groomer’s. For your Samoyed then, you’ll likely get charged on the higher end of the spectrum, so $90 and up.

Also, keep in mind that your bill will go up if your groomer does more for your dog. If you only want your Sammy’s fur groomed, then make sure you ask for that service specifically when setting up your appointment. Reiterate it when you arrive at the groomer. This way, there’s no upsetting surprise (i.e., the bill) at the end.

Q: How do you maintain your Samoyed’s white fur?

A: The best way to keep your Sammy’s thick, fluffy coat pristine and white is through grooming and bathing. Brushing your dog can knock off the loose dirt and debris that may accumulate in their coat from going outside. Check out our other post to see how much can a Samoyed shed.

If your pup was in a particularly rambunctious mood and came back inside covered in mud, then you must bathe them ASAP, as we said before.

Discoloration in Samoyed fur can occur. Stains from urine, dirt, and grass are the most common culprits. Urine stains will look yellow, dirt stains brown, and grass stains green or brownish as well. Besides brushing them diligently, you might also use a whitening shampoo to remove this discoloration. We do recommend you clear this with your vet before bathing your Samoyed. You don’t want any of the ingredients to irritate their skin, after all!

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You should never shave your Samoyed, as you can accidentally destroy their coat. Sammies typically have an undercoat covered by an exterior layer of guard hair. The undercoat sheds when the seasons change, but the guard hair maintains itself. Their undercoat is their means of insulation from the cold. By shaving it, their undercoat cannot serve its primary purpose anymore. It can also take up to three years for the guard hair to grow back. Until it does, your Samoyed’s fur can get very wet and dirty fast since the undercoat isn’t made for much more than insulating. It’s much better to trim or groom the fur instead.