For months, you planned on adopting a Samoyed puppy. When you first brought them home, you took a week off work so the two of you could familiarize and bond with one another. That week went by lightning fast, though, and now you have to go back to the office. Will your Samoyed be okay on their own alone? How many hours can you be gone?

You should not leave a Samoyed alone at home without a human for more than three or four hours, and never for eight hours or longer. The social nature of Samoyeds doesn’t lend itself well to spending significant time on their own. This breed also needs an hour or more of exercise each day.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons your Samoyed needs human interaction in their day-to-day lives. We’ll also talk about what happens if you leave the dog alone for too long and provide some workarounds for keeping your Sammy happy.

Why Can’t You Leave Samoyeds Alone All Day?

Most dogs have to spend at least part of the day by themselves while their humans go to work or school. It’s okay to leave a Samoyed alone for a couple of hours, but the fewer, the better. Unlike other dog breeds that prefer a quiet house, Samoyeds do not.

Here’s a breakdown of why vanishing all day does your Sammy no favors.

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Attachment to Humans

No, Samoyeds don’t have separation anxiety, although that can differ by dogs. Instead, they have a natural attachment to humans. We talked about it a lot in our previous article. For as long as Samoyeds existed, they’ve spent their days around people. They were always used to the presence of humans, and, with their gentle nature, they quite like having people around.

Samoyeds may pick a favorite person or two. When that human goes off to work or school and leaves them behind, your Sammy gets upset. They will express that in many a way that we’ll talk about in the next section, but none of them are good.

Bathroom Needs

Samoyeds aren’t all that different from any other dog in that they need to go to the bathroom several times on any given day. On average, they may need three to five bathroom breaks, sometimes more. You should let out a Sammy puppy every two hours and seniors every three or four. Even adult dogs may have to urinate or defecate more frequently than you’d sometimes expect.

They Must Exercise

It’s no secret that Samoyeds need a lot of exercise. How much varies from dog to dog, but we advise you to spend between upwards of two hours with your pup running, playing, chasing, and generally tiring them out. Otherwise, your Sammy will have too much energy. When you bring them back indoors, they’ll start to romp, play, and run while you’re tired and just want to go to bed.

Some Samoyed owners exercise their dogs in the morning. If you go that route, then you can leave them for maybe three or four hours alone without anything catastrophic happening. We wouldn’t suggest going too much longer than that, though. Certainly never stay out for closer to eight hours. Yes, we said that once, but it’s worth reiterating.

If you don’t get to exercise your Samoyed until the evening hours, then curtail your absence as much as possible. They’ll be raring to go when you do come home.

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What Will Happen If You Disappear for Hours at a Time?

Sometimes you lose track of time or you get asked to work late at the office. By the time you come home, you realize you left your Samoyed alone all day. You didn’t mean to, but it happened nonetheless.

You figure your dog will be fine, right? After all, you trained them, so they should behave well enough. You would think that, but it’s not always true. In fact, Samoyeds tend to display a lot of bad behavior if their humans go too long without them. Let’s look into these behaviors more now, shall we?

Loud Barking

Once your Sammy realizes you’re not coming right back, they can start barking their heads off. Your pup may be an otherwise quiet, perfect angel who doesn’t bark a lot when you’re home, but after you go, all bets are off.

This barking can get on the nerves of your neighbors quick. Someone could end up calling the cops if they have to listen to your dog bark day in and day out.

Possible Accidents

Let’s say you couldn’t go to the bathroom for seven or eight hours, maybe even longer. How would you fare? Not very well, right? The same is true of any dog. They have a bladder that’s only so big, and they need to relieve it throughout the day. Sometimes they have to defecate as well. If they eat or drink, these feelings intensify.

They try to stay patient, but the longer you’re gone, the harder that becomes. The dog then does what it must and makes an accident. It’s not their fault, and it’s often not about their training, either. They tried to hold out for as long as possible, but they couldn’t.

Destructive Behavior

With no means of exercise or stimulation, your Samoyed will grow bored, even annoyed. They want to do something, so they look around the home or apartment for what that something can be. Perhaps it’s your new couch with its plush cushions. Your dog rips them up and the pillows too, you know, for good measure.

Maybe they gravitate towards your new wooden dining table, making a snack of the table and chair legs. They could even start with the couch, move onto the table, and then bite on whatever’s close. This burns some energy, but not much, so you come home to an irritated but playful dog. It’s not a pretty picture for them or you.

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How to Keep Your Samoyed Happy and Healthy Even if You Work Full-Time

Okay, so you know better than to leave your Samoyed all day to their own devices, as this often ends badly. How can you avoid the above pitfalls while still working a nine-to-five job? Here are some recommended methods.

Get up Bright and Early

If you tire your Samoyed out earlier in the day, then you satisfy their need for exercise long before noon. This may make them more patient during the day while you work, but you still should limit how long they’re alone. Also, you may still have to schedule yet a second play session in the evening depending on how energetic your Samoyed feels.

Come Home During Lunch

Instead of spending yet another day eating at your desk, stop by your home and check on your Samoyed. You probably won’t have time for much more than a quick walk, but this can make a world of difference. If you leave your dog for roughly four hours in the morning, walk them at lunch, and then go back to work for about four hours more, that’s a manageable day your Samoyed can live with. You will still have to exercise them, but you’re reducing the rate of accidents significantly.

Consider a Dog Walker

Perhaps you work an hour or more from your home and stopping by in the middle of the day just isn’t an option. In that case, you may hire a dog walker. This professional can ensure your Samoyed takes care of their bathroom needs and gets some exercise to boot!

Have a Dog Babysitter on Standby

It may sound like owning a Samoyed means you can’t have much of a life outside of the house. That’s not true, but a dog is a responsibility, and you must plan your life accordingly. If you plan on traveling, whether for a weekend or longer, you need someone who can look after your dog. Maybe that’s a friend or family member. You could even call your vet and let your Sammy lodge there for a few days.

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Related Questions

Q: Are Samoyeds high maintenance?

A: That depends on how you define high maintenance. If you’re talking about a pet that requires a lot of effort, then yes, that’d make Sammies high maintenance. They want few breaks from people, they need lots of exercise, and you must take the time to groom them every day. You can’t just wake up in the morning, let your dog out, pour some kibble in their bowl, and then go on your way.

Q: Can you train a Samoyed to be less destructive?

A: If you’re unhappy with any aspects of your Sammy’s behavior, it’s possible to train them yourself or work with a professional. Through training, you can reduce and even eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Do keep in mind that your Samoyed misbehaves when you’re gone for a reason. They need attention, stimulation, and exercise. Failing to provide that will leave your dog no other choice than to start acting badly. To truly curb this behavior, make a real effort to leave your dog alone less often. Their destructive tendencies will then essentially disappear.

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